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Select List of Books on Aberdeen's History & Culture

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Adams, Norman, 'Blood & Granite: True Crime in Aberdeen' (2008)

Adams, Norman, 'Hangman's Brae: True Crime and Punishment in Aberdeen' (Black and White Publishing: 2005)

Anderson, Raymond, 'Images of Aberdeen' (Breedon Books: Derby, 1994) (Paperback published 2004) 

Angus, John Keith, 'A Scotch Play-House; The Historical Records of the Old Theatre Royal, Marischal Street, Aberdeen' (2009) (looks very much like an old reprint)

Bale, Bernard, 'Aberdeen and the North East at War' (2005)

Balfour, Bernard, 'Secrets, Stories, Skeletons and Stones: Scottish History in a Different Light' (Cranstone House, 1993)

Brodgen, A  'Aberdeen - an illustrated architectural guide' (RIBA, 1998)

Brotchie & McKenzie, 'Aberdeen's Trams 1874 - 1958' (1974)

Brown, Dr Fiona-Jane, 'Hidden Aberdeen: History on your doorstep and under your feet' (Black & White Publishing, 2013) (currently out of print)

Brown, Dr Fiona-Jane, 'Hidden Aberdeenshire: the Coast' (Black & White Publishing, 2014)

Brown, Dr Fiona-Jane, 'Hidden Aberdeenshire: the Land' (Black & White Publishing, 2015)

Burnett, Alistair, 'Images of Scotland: Aberdeen' (Tempus: Gloucestershire, 1999) 

Cluer, Andrew & Ron Winram, 'Walking the Mat: Past Impressions of Aberdeen' FOUR editions - all worth getting - 1977, 1980, 1984, 1988.

Dennison, Patricia et al, 'Aberdeen before 1800' (2002)

Fraser, George M, 'Aberdeen Street Names, their history, meaning, and personal associations. With illustrations' (1911) (reprints are available)

Fraser, Hamish et al, 'Aberdeen 1800-2000 A New History' (2000)

Harris, Paul. 'Aberdeen Since 1900: Ninety Years of Photographs' (Archive Publications: Manchester, 1988)

Keith, Alexander, 'A 1000 Years of Aberdeen' (2002)

Levack, Iain & Hugh Dudley 'Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The People's Hospital of the North-East' (2 Vols) (1992-4)

Lunney, Paul. 'Images of Sport: Aberdeen Football Club 1903-1973' (Tempus: Gloucestershire, 2000)  

Lyall, Heather, 'Vanishing Aberdeen: In George Washington Wilson's Footsteps' (1988)

McGregor, Griselda Sarah,  'Grit Growth and Sometimes Groovy: Aberdeen in the 60s' ( Keith Murray Publications, 1990)

Marren, Peter, - Grampian Battlefields. The Historic Battles of North East Scotland from AD84 to 1745.

Massie, Allan (ed.) 'Eisenstaedt: Aberdeen - Portrait of a City' (Mainstream: Edinburgh, 1984) 

Meldrum, Edward 'Aberdeen of old: An A.B.C. : Aberdeen's antiquities archaeology and architecture arranged alphabetically' (1987) (fantastic line drawings!)

Miller, David, 'Tudor Johnny - City Architect of Aberdeen: The Life and Works of John Smith' (2008)

Miller, David  'Archibald Simpson - Architect'(2007)

Milne, Graham, 'The Haunted North' (2008)

Morgan, Diane, 'Lost Aberdeen' (2009)

Morgan, Diane, 'Lost Aberdeen: the Freedom Lands (2009)

Morgan, Diane, 'The Granite Mile' (2008)

Morgan, Diane, 'Lost Aberdeen: the Outskirts' (2007)

Royal Commission on Historic and Ancient Monuments Scotland, 'Aberdeen on Record' (Edinburgh: Stationery Office, 1997)

Smith, John S. 'The Sparkling Cage' (Keith Murray Publications: Aberdeen, 1989)

Smith, Robert, 'Aberdeen Curiosities' (2007)

Stevenson, Jane and Peter Davidson. 'The Lost City: Old Aberdeen' (Birlinn Ltd: Edinburgh, 2008) 

Thomson, Michael, 'Silver Screen in the Silver City: History of Cinemas in Aberdeen, 1896-1987' (1988)

Trail, Katherine, 'Reminiscences Of Old Aberdeen' (1952)

Webster, Jack, 'Jack Webster's Aberdeen' (2007)

Wyness, Fenton, 'City by the Grey North Sea' (1965)

Wyness, Fenton, 'Aberdeen, Century of Change: The Story of a City from Old Photographs' (1971)

Young, Alan, 'Aberdeen - A Visual Journey' (Keith Murray Publications, 1992)

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