Story Telling Sessions
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Fancy a cosy night in with your favourite brew listening to fascinating stories from local history? This is for you!


Hosted by Maria Oleksiak, proprietrix of Tea Zone, a lovely tea shop at the corner of the historic Castlegate

Our new indoor events for 2017  include informal talks covering material from our history tours, which are suitable for all ages, though of most interest to school-age and above.  Our current venue for these nights is Tea Zone, a local tea shop situated in Justice Street, in the very place that the old Justice Port stood.  The latter was the last criminals saw of the city on their way to the old gallows or the Heading Hill. So if you like the stories, but not the scares, then this is for you!

Tea & Tales of the Past usually happens on either a Friday or Thursday.  Tickets are £10 per head which includes tea and cake! Enjoy a selection of Maria's fine hand-blended teas with a "fine piece".

Venue: Tea Zone, 1 Justice Street, Castlegate, Aberdeen

Approx. 2 hours


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