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A ramble around the picturesque Fisher Squares, built in 1806

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A mini-tour of Fittie, focusing on the squares and new stories around this once ancient community replaced by a planned village.  

Developed from the full length Forgotten Fittie Tour, this short walk looks specifically at the history of Sandness, and how it evolved to the planned village later called "Footdee".  Beginning on Pocra Quay near the site of the original Block House, a stone fort first erected in the 15th century to protect the city from "English invaders", we follow the fall and rise of the fisher residents of the Kirktoun of Futty, who forced the council into providing them a new home when harbour development threatened to obliterate the old village of Pockraw in the late 18th century.  Including the sad tale of Fittie's tragic harbour master, widowed, blighted by wreck after wreck on his watch, and disciplined by the Board of Trade, finally worked himself to death, only to be remembered with great affection by the very folk who were little help to him!  

Meet: Dock Workers' War Memorial, Pocra Quay (oppposite memorial cross)
Duration: approx 60min

Not suitable for disabled due to uneven ground

Special price for smaller tour - £5 each

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