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Horrible Histories/ Hidden Aberdeen History Talks

Hidden Aberdeen Tours also offer evening storytelling sessions in historic venues covering both the darker and more fascinating sides of the city’s history.

An informal, entertaining evening with true crime, supernatural stories, and folktales from Scotland’s rich oral heritage, we encourage you to settle down with a hot drink or a strong one, depending on the location of the session and enjoy a spine-chilling experience. We have also hosted informal lectures on various topics, such as Gallus Quines (an exploration of the city's female pioneers), Killer Quines (investigation of murderesses from this area), Are Ye Dancin? (a look at the city's ballrooms and dancehalls), Trams, Trains and Buses (Aberdeen's history of transport), which have proved very popular with our audiences.  New ones are planned, including Sneezes, Wheezes & Diseases - a history of Aberdeen's hospitals/ medical pioneers; Aberdeen Worthies - weird and whacky denziens of the Granite City will be celebrated; Water, Water Everywhere - the city's rivers, wells and springs, known and unknown. 

Our favourite venues include:

and coming soon - Red Robin RecordsCorrection Wynd. 

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Hidden Aberdeen Tours (founded 2011) is wholly owned by Dr Fiona-Jane Brown as a sole-trading operation which occasionally works with contractors.

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