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Telling the trials and tribulations of the fisherfolk from early 19th century...

Beginning at St Clement’s Kirk, the old Parish Church of Fittie, (Fittie, never Footdee, an over-correction of the old Celtic word for a bog) we take a walk through the forgotten areas now dominated by the harbour precinct. Learn about the origins of Aberdeen’s most ancient fishing community, dating back to the 12th century when the fishers of Pockraw were the tenants of the Bishops of Old Aberdeen and looking into its rebirth as the city’s first Victorian council estate, and home to the city’s most famous shipyard, Hall Russell’s. And then on to the famous Fisher Squares, built 1807-09, designed by city architect, John Smith (aka Tudor Johnny), telling the trials and tribulations of the fisherfolk from early 19th century to 1969 when Fittie was designated a heritage site

Start: St Clement’s Church, Church Street /St Clement’s Street, Fittie
End: Pocra Quay
Length: 2 miles

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